Fox On Main
Welcome to Fox On Main!

Mother and Daughter come together to focus on bringing the community of Richmond, KY a unique shopping experience all around. We only want the best for our customers so quality is everything. When you think "boutique" you may also think "too expensive" but we really wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have the latest fashion trends at an affordable price! Our styles are only available in limited quantities, so you can be sure to leave with something unique, no one else can find in a corporate store. We strive to help you in any way we can, from fashion advice to helping you find the perfect gift!
Paula is the creative mind behind all that is Fox On Main. Her passion for fashion is shown throughout the store and her love for what she does really shows. Without her we would not be here!
Ashley is our social media advisor. She makes sure to show off all our new goodies through our media platforms. Her artistic impression is what's helped to build the store's online presence.
Toby is our mascot! He does absolutely nothing, but on occassion he has greeted our customers with great enthusiasm! He's rarely in the store, but when he is he's such a good boy!